Dave Turin is a reality TV star who debuted with Gold Rush in 2011 as a temporary consultant and was brought in by Todd Hoffman. Dave had fundamental mining skills, which attracted Todd Hoffman to make him a permanent crew member.

Role in Gold Rush

Dave Turin entered the show as an advisor and was brought by Todd Hoffman in the second season. Soon after joining the show, he joined the Hoffman crew after being a consultant.

From being an advisor, he ensured his skills were utilized entirely as he soon started to operate heavy equipment and machinery.

Due to his skills in operating a bulldozer learned from his family quarry business, Dave Turin was given the nickname Dozer Dave. Bulldozer is an essential part of the gold mining business, and his expertise quickly rose him to fame. These skills further made him vital to the Hoffman family.


Life Before Gold Rush

Dave was brought up in the mountains, so he developed significant interests in outdoor activities, including fishing and hunting.

At an early age, Dave Turin started spearheading his family rock quarry business along with his father and three brothers.

He also used to play football for his college team and graduated with a civil engineering degree. 

He completed high school and used to play football for his college team. He finished college after becoming a civil engineer, but who knew he would join the television industry in the future?

Even before joining the Gold Rush, Dave had mining knowledge as he used to manage operations at his family’s rock quarry business. His mining knowledge is why Todd Hoffman wanted Dave Turin to join the Hoffman crew as a consultant.


Dave Turin Net Worth

Dave Turin’s Net Worth is more than $2 Million.

Dave Turin has been a Gold Rush member since 2011 and has been working on various TV projects during the last few years.

He also has his show named “Gold Rush: Dave Turin Lost Mine,” which has been one of the top shows since 2019 that has generated a significant amount for him.


How much does Dave Turin make per episode?

Dave Turin made around $50,000 per episode of the Gold Rush. He earns a similar amount from his new show.



Dave Turin started his career with Gold Rush TV Series in 2011, which continued till 2017. He also did many TV documentaries, such as ‘Do or Die’ in 2012 and ‘Gold Fever’ in 2013.

Moreover, he was a member of Gold Rush South America, a 2013 TV series. He introduced his show in 2019 named Dave Turin Lost Mine.

Dave Turin was also part of the Gold Rush ‘The Dirt Series’ from 2013 to 2022.

Besides Gold Rush, he did a TV series ‘Josh Gates Tonight’ in 2020.


How Old is Dave Turin

Dave Turin (Aged 63) was born in Oregon, USA, on the 21st of April 1959. His zodiac sign is Taurus.


Personal Life

When Dave Turin was in high school, he met his wife, Shelly Turin, and fell in love with her. The couple has three children who are all grown up and married. 

Dave is a grandpa to four children, including two boys and two girls.

Dave usually shares pictures of his grandchildren on his Instagram account doing various activities. He loves to go out fishing and often takes his grandchildren with him.



  • Gold Rush ( TV Series 2011-2017)
  • Do Or Die ( TV Movie Documentary 2012)
  • Gold Fever ( Mini TV Series Documentary 2013)
  • Gold Rush: The Dirt ( TV Series 2013-2022)
  • Gold Rush South America ( TV Series 2013)
  • Gold Rush ( TV Series 2016-2018)
  • Josh Gates Tonight ( TV Series 2020)
  • Gold Rush: The Legend of Porcupine Creek (TV Movie documentary 2020)
  • Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune (TV Series)

Social Media

Dave Turin has accounts on all the major social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His Instagram account name is grdozerdave has around 31.1k followers, while he only follows 73 people.

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