Mitch Blaschke is a 37 years old successful entrepreneur and American television actor who currently appears in the reality show “Gold Rush.” He was born in Eagle Creek, Oregon, on December 4th, 1984. 

Mitch had a lifelong interest in mechanics, which he eventually pursued full-time after completing his education. He gained fame when he appeared in the popular reality series “Gold Rush” on the Discovery Channel.


Life Before Gold Rush

At 14, Mitch started his career working part-time in a collision repair shop to afford his kart racing. Blaschke got a diploma from Sam Barlow High School. 

After high school, he became a full-time mechanic and opened an equipment store. He’s a self-taught mechanic who has been working hard since high school.


Mitch Blaschke Role in Gold Rush

Mitch Blaschke and Todd Hoffman first met at a local towing company. Mitch was featured in the Gold Rush reality series for the first time when Todd purchased an excavator from his store.

Mitch assisted in transporting the equipment and supplies to the Quartz Creek Claim. He met a mining crew there looking for an experienced and skilled mechanic to join their team. In season three, he decided to join the Hoffman crew. Since then, he has become the Hoffman crew’s mechanic.

In Gold Rush’s fifth season, Mitch Blaschke joined the Parker Schnabel team and worked with a Parker Schnabel foreman named Gene Cheeseman. 

The problem-solving skill of Mitch Blaschke helped him in succeeding a significant position in the Gold Rush series. 

To this very day, Mitch Blaschke works for the Parker Schnabel crew and is still a part of the Gold Rush series. He’s also dabbled in activities other than mining and fixing. 


What happened to Mitch Blaschke on Gold Rush?

According to the Discovery channel, Mitch was involved in a severe accident that nearly cost him his life and livelihood as a miner. 

According to the sources, Mitch and Parker Schnabel were “critically injured” in an accident while riding a jet boat. He fractured his arm on that outing, and it wasn’t clear if he could work again.

Luckily, Mitch “beat the odds” and returned to the gold mine locations before the season ended.


Mitch Blaschke Net Worth

Mitch Blaschke earns $100,000 every season as a Parker main mechanic. He also receives $25,000 for every episode of Gold Rush. 

His primary responsibility is to keep equipment and the wash plant operational to mine gold more effectively.

Blaschke makes at least $20 per personalized message on Cameo. He also makes a good living from his equipment store. 

Mitch Blaschke total net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.


Personal Life

Mitch dated his friend Hailey, whom he had known for almost seven years. They got married during the show’s seventh season on July 23rd, 2016.

Halsey, his wife, is also an actor. Halsey has appeared in three episodes of “Gold Rush” since 2016. Their daughter Mia was born three years after their marriage. 

The family often appears on Gold Rush. Mitch and his family live in a sandy town near Portland, Oregon.


Social Life

Mitch Blaschke has over 20,777 Twitter followers and over 103,752 Instagram followers. Mitch keeps his followers informed with real-time images of the mining process and daily outcomes. For those who enjoy learning about his personal life, Mitch does not let them down.



  • He enjoys anything that comes with a motor, including snowmobiles, dirt motorcycles, quads, and kart racing. 
  • During his free time, he loves to go out fishing with his family.

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