Josephine Archer Cameron is the daughter of one of America’s most celebrated movie stars, Linda Hamilton, and her former spouse, James Cameron.


More About Josephine

Josephine was born on February 15, 1993.

Her life is shrouded in secrecy, with no information about her early years or upbringing.

There are no available photographs of her, and she has not been seen in pictures with her mother, father, or any other family members on the internet.

It’s almost as if she doesn’t even exist.


Figuring Out Josephine

If you believe the person in the photograph below is Josephine Archer, you are mistaken; it is not her.

Our research has led us to the conclusion that this lady is not Josephine Archer, the daughter of Linda Hamilton and James Cameron.

Josephine Archer Cameron James Cameron

Please feel free to comment if you disagree or can provide more information about her.

According to our findings, the woman in the photograph is a middle-aged professional in her 40s, working as a songwriter and storyteller for children’s books.

In contrast, Josephine Archer was born in 1993, making her 30 years old. Therefore, she cannot possibly be the Josephine we are referring to here.

Josephine Cameron


Josephine’s Mom – Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton made her acting debut in 1980 with the TV series “Shirley.”

She went on to appear in numerous TV projects and gained great fame from her role in the TV series “Beauty and the Beast.”

Linda has also starred in several films, including “King Kong Returns,” “Tag: The Assassination Game,” and the famous “Terminator” series.

Linda Hamilton


Her Father – James Cameron

Josephine’s father is one of the greatest film directors who rose to prominence after directing “The Terminator” in 1984.

Cameron experienced a massive breakthrough after directing the iconic films “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

He has also won an Academy Award for “Titanic.”

James Cameron


How Linda and James Separated?

The former power couple, Linda Hamilton and James Cameron, tied the knot in 1997 after years of dating.

They had Josephine four years before their marriage.

However, the marriage ended in divorce in December 1999 due to reasons that were never made public.


Josephine Archer Cameron’s Siblings

Josephine Cameron has an elder brother named Dalton, born in 1989, from her mother’s previous relationship with Bruce Abbott.

Additionally, she has three half-siblings from her father’s marriage to Suzy Amis.

James and Suzi Amis

The couple got married in June 2000 and had their first child, a daughter named Claire, in April 2001.

Subsequently, they welcomed a son named James Quinn in September 2003 and, finally, a daughter named Elizabeth Rose in December 2006.

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