Olivia Namath is the daughter of the former football superstar Joe Namath and his ex-wife, Deborah Mays, who is known for her role in the TV series ‘The Greatest American Hero,’ which aired from 1981 to 1983.


Early Life of Olivia Namath

Born on December 11, 1990, in Florida, Olivia Rose Namath is the younger of two siblings, with her elder sister named Jessica Namath.

Both sisters had their schooling in Florida, although specific details about their education are not available.

Olivia’s parents, Joe Namath and his ex-wife Deborah Mays, who later changed her name to Tatiana, reportedly first crossed paths in a voice class in 1983.

Joe Namath Wife

After a year of dating, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony in 1984, surrounded by their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the marriage concluded in the year 2000 when Olivia was just 10 years old.

Following the separation, Joe Namath assumed custody of both daughters.

Joe Namath With Daughters


Olivia’s Professional Career

Despite being the daughter of a famous footballer, not much is known about her current life and occupation – whether she’s a stay-at-home mom or has a job. We are blank here.

All we know is that, as a teenager, she tried her hand at acting, appearing in the 2015 movie ‘The Wedding Ringer.’

Throughout the shooting of her role, her father, Joe, was there to support her and was seen behind the scenes of the movie.

Unfortunately, her time in movies was brief, and she hasn’t taken on, or probably wasn’t offered, any more roles since then.


Olivia Namath’s Married Life

Olivia entered into a relationship with Edwin Baker III during her teenage years and became a mother at the age of 16 while she was still attending high school.

Her child was born in August 2007 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

She and Edwin eventually married in 2014, seven years after the birth of their child.

Olivia Namath Child Birth


More About Olivia’s Husband

Edwin faced challenges in his early life, marked by controversies and three arrests on charges of grand larceny, theft, and possession of illegal drugs.

One incident involved the robbery of a McDonald’s restaurant and the theft of $10,000, resulting in his apprehension.

Despite these past controversies, Edwin has since turned his life around, redirecting his focus towards a promising career as an emerging street/graffiti artist.

His artwork has even started to gain recognition and be featured in art exhibitions.

Edwin’s wife and father-in-law have been great supports throughout his transformation.

They actively attend all the art exhibitions where his work is getting featured.

Joe Namath With Olivia and Edwin


Olivia’s Troublesome Teenage Years

Olivia, much like her husband, faced troubles during her teenage years.

In 2010, she encountered legal issues when she was pulled over for speeding in West Palm Beach.

During the stop, the police discovered an open bottle of rum and marijuana in her silver Mercedes.

The 19-year-old Olivia was detained on charges of possessing alcohol and two counts of marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

Authorities reportedly found 200.5 grams of marijuana packaged in baggies in the trunk of her car.

Olivia Namath Mug Shot


Where to Find Olivia Online?

Unlike her elder sister, Jessica, who is quite active on social media, particularly Instagram, and often shares pictures of her daughter playing with their grandpa, Olivia does not have an active social media presence.

Jessica Namath

Additionally, neither she nor her child nor her husband are seen in photos together with Joe or with Jessica’s family, except during her husband’s art exhibitions, which Joe attends to support his son-in-law and his daughter.

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