Chris Doumitt worked as a carpenter, miner, and marksman. He is now an American TV reality show actor best known for appearing in the Discovery Channel’s Tv series Gold Rush. 

Chris is a man known for his strong discipline and strong work ethic. His exceptional abilities and capacity to pull all-nighters earned him a huge reputation on the show.

Chris, a native of Portland, worked as a plant carpenter for 25 years before coming to the Klondike. 

Chris started as a member of Hoffman’s crew but later joined Parker’s crew during the show’s fourth season.

Life Before Gold Rush

Chris Doumitt is one of the Gold Rush series’ most hardworking workers. His gold mining job may have started accidentally, but he quickly learned how to mine gold and became a vital crew member of the show.

Chris is a big cigar aficionado. He is hardly seen on the show without his characteristic cigar. Even his social media accounts are full of pictures of him having a cigar in his mouth.

One thing you probably did not know about Chris Doumitt is that he is a skilled marksman with extensive competitive shooting experience. He also worked as an instructor at the Sandy Police Department on firearm safety.



In 2010, Chris Doumitt was tasked to build a cabin for Greg Remsburg. At that time, Greg was a part of Hoffman’s crew and worked as an expert fabricator.

This task was meant to be completed in 10 days, but Chris stayed on the show with Todd Hoffman and his team for 5 months. During this time, Chris learned many things about gold mining and decided to leave his carpentry and shooting career and pursue the quest for gold.

He joined the crew in season two and stayed till the third season ended.

In Gold Rush season 4, Chris joined Parker Schnabel’s crew and became one of the most reliable members of his team.

Soon after, he and Rick Ness became two of Parker’s most trusted crew members. Doumitt’s excellent communication and team skills made his Gold Rush journey easy.


Chris Doumitt Net Worth

Chris Doumitt earned $25,000 for each episode of Gold Rush. Being a part of Parker Schnabel’s crew, he earned his salary too. The estimated net worth of Chris Doumitt is $400,000.

After Chris became famous from the show, he launched his Cigar Brand “Doumitt Cigar.” Chris markets his cigars through his website,, and ships all over the United States. As Chris is doing pretty well in his cigar business, he is believed to be worth more than $400K.


Chris Doumitt Age

Chris was born in Portland, Oregon, into a Christian family. He is 60 years old and happily married to his lovely wife, Sharon Doumitt.


Chris Doumitt Wife

Sharon, a professional YouTuber and vlogger has always been a fan of Chris and his work.

The couple has been married for 45 years and has two children together. They enjoy spending their off-season in Palm Springs, California.

During the show’s seventh season, Sharon Doumitt was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very difficult phase of their life as the couple had to endure a lot of emotional distress and pain.

Chris had been very supportive of her during her illness and throughout July 2017 while Sharon was undergoing therapy. Chris kept his social media followers updated on her recovery.

Chris Doumitt has over 50,000 followers on his Instagram Page.


How Tall is Chris Doumitt

Chris Doumitt is 5 feet 10 inches tall.



  • Chris likes to breathe in open spaces.
  • He goes fishing and golfing in his leisure time.
  • He also enjoys brewing his wine.
  • He loves Cigars and traveling.


Chris Doumitt’s Back Surgery & Death Rumors

Chris had to undergo a complex operation due to his back problem. He was off-camera during the entire seventh season of the gold rush. 

Some fans thought that Chris Doumitt had died while recovering from the surgery. But later, it turned out that Chris was alive and healthy.

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