Peter Nottoli, initially an ordinary man, gained recognition when he married the American actress Crystal Reed in 2008.

Their wedding took place in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends.

However, as time passed, the couple encountered difficulties in their relationship, leading to their divorce in 2012.

Crystal Reed and Peter Nottoli Marriage


Peter Nottoli – Early Life

Peter John Nottoli was born in 1979 in Michigan, USA, to Michael Nottoli and Donna Nottoli.

He grew up with three brothers named Carl, Paul, and Robert, as well as a sister named Betsy.


Education and Career of Peter Nottoli

Peter Nottoli pursued his education at Constantine High School before obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University.

Following his graduation, he embarked on a successful career path, holding managerial positions in various organizations.


Reasons Behind Crystal Reed and Peter Nottoli’s Divorce

Crystal Reed and Peter Nottoli’s marriage reached its official conclusion on May 31, 2012, nearly six months after Crystal Reed initiated divorce proceedings against Peter John Nottoli in the Los Angeles County Superior Courts.

Unfortunately, the exact reasons for their divorce were not publicly disclosed.

However, it is worth mentioning that there were reports indicating a romantic connection between Crystal Reed and Oliver Trevena, who gained fame as the host of the celebrity chat show, Young Hollywood (2007), prior to Crystal filing for divorce.

Crystal Reed Affair


What is Crystal Reed’s Ex-Husband Peter Nottoli Doing Now?

Peter Nottoli currently holds the position of General Manager at Heartland RV, a renowned recreational vehicle manufacturing company located in Elkhart, Indiana, United States.

He was promoted to the role of GM in January 2022, having previously served the company as a product manager for four years.

Peter Nottoli Career


Peter Nottoli’s Private Life Following His Divorce from Crystal Reed

Peter Notolli, despite not being associated with the entertainment industry, gained media attention when he married actress Crystal Reed, known for her role in Teen Wolf.

Following their divorce, he deliberately maintained a low profile, distancing himself from the media, cameras, and the spotlight. Consequently, there is limited information available about his personal life, including his dating history.

According to sources, Notolli is currently single and leads a peaceful life away from media scrutiny. He consciously avoids public appearances and keeps his social media accounts private.

It is worth noting that he has not publicly acknowledged dating anyone other than his former wife, Crystal Reed.


Peter Nottoli’s Net Worth

Despite Peter Notolli’s decision to maintain privacy regarding his earnings and property holdings, there has been extensive speculation suggesting that he possesses multiple properties throughout the country.

His considerable wealth is believed to have been accumulated through a successful career in various managerial positions within different companies.

Rough estimates place his net worth at approximately $5 Million USD.

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