Morgan Beasley is an American reality TV show star. He got to the limelight through his debut in the Tv reality show ”Mountain Men”. 

With his superb performance and extraordinary nomad wild skills, Morgan Beasley won the hearts of many people across the globe.


Personal Life 

Morgan himself has never claimed that he is married or in a relationship. But many rumors are floating that he is secretly married or dating Margaret Stern.

Margaret Stern was his co-actor on the TV reality show Mountain Men. And since then, they have been seen together many times. Morgan and Margaret both share many common interests.

They live on the same homestead and follow a similar lifestyle in the wild. Although they do not declare themselves as a couple, fans have a different view. 

Both of them avoid being seen in public.



Many fans want to know whether Morgan has any kids. No such information is available to us, as Morgan has never publicly disclosed this information.

There’s also no information about his marriage in his early life before joining the show.


Animals / Pets

Morgan owns four horses and two dogs, which significantly helps him in the wild.


Morgan Beasley Net Worth

According to the sources, Moran’s net worth is more than $1M. 

He follows a simple lifestyle, making his fans wonder why he lives as a nomad and not in a big luxury house.

Morgan charged around $200,000 per series of Mountain Men.

He also earns from his Youtube channel. His subscribers are around 3k who love the primitive lifestyle Morgan lives.

One thing about Morgan you probably didn’t know is that he can fly planes and is an excellent pilot.


Age, Religion, and Zodiac

Morgan was born on 15 May 1960 to a Christian family in Idaho, USA.

His star sign is Taurus.


Career Background

Morgan has only appeared on-screen on a TV reality show, Mountain Men. The show is about people living away from modern-day society in the wild.

He was the perfect fit to be an actor in this reality show as he had lived for four decades as a nomad. 

He had the particular skills required to live in the wild as a nomad, such as growing food in such conditions and hunting down animals.


Physical Appearance

Morgan is Caucasian with dark hair and eyes. He has a muscular and fit body. 

Many claim that he has a tattoo on his upper arm, but Morgan has never shared such photos where the tattoo is visible.



Morgan completed his schooling and went to the University of Idaho. He graduated with an environmental science degree from the University of Idaho.   


Social Media

There is an Instagram account shared by Morgan and Margaret on which they post about things they are exploring. 

They also have a homestead website, which includes information about their animals.

They have around 10.5k followers but are not very active on social media. 

There is a Twitter account of Mountain Men that promotes the upcoming episodes and often mentions Morgan in their tweets.

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