Finley Elaine Griffin, born on September 26, 2016, is the daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin and his former fiancée Brynn Cameron.

The 7-year-old celebrity child hails from Los Angeles, California.

Finley has a mixed ethnic background—her mother is of white Caucasian descent, and her father has Afro-Haitian roots.

Blake Griffin


Finley Griffin’s Family Life

Finley’s parents split when she was just one. Even though both parents share custody, Brynn, Finley’s mom, is the main caregiver.

Finley and her siblings now live with their mom in a Manhattan Beach Mansion, provided by Blake Griffin as part of their legal arrangements after the breakup.

Currently, Finley is in elementary school in Manhattan, although we don’t know the name of the school.


Finley Griffin’s Siblings

Finley is one of three children belonging to her mom, Brynn Cameron.

Before dating Blake Griffin, Brynn was in a relationship with Matt Leinart. When that relationship ended, she was pregnant and had her first child in 2006, a baby boy named Cole Cameron Leinart.

In addition to Cole, Finley has a biological older brother named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, born in 2013 to Brynn Cameron and Blake Griffin.


Why Did Finley Elaine’s Parents Split Up?

Finley’s parents started dating in 2009 and moved in together in 2012.

They had two kids and were preparing for a wedding on July 26, 2017. However, a week before the wedding, they called it off because Cameron wanted Griffin to sign a prenup, and he refused.

This disagreement had its roots in 2013 when Griffin persuaded Cameron to quit her job and take care of their home.

Brynn took the matter to court, alleging that Griffin didn’t adhere to their 2013 agreement and abandoned his family.

The court sided with Brynn, ordering Griffin to pay about $32,000 per month for child support and give up his Manhattan Beach Mansion.


A Peek into Brynn Cameron’s Early Years – Finley’s Mom

Finely’s mother, who was once an athlete herself, began playing basketball early in school and continued through college at the University of Southern California.

Unfortunately, a hip injury brought her playing days to an end.

Undaunted, she shifted gears into sports marketing and collaborated with major brands like Adidas and Gatorade while working at the advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

In addition to her involvement in sports, she explored the world of interior decorating.

Brynn Cameron


Life After the Split

She was doing well in her career when her ex-fiancé, Blake Griffin, suggested that she take a break and focus on homemaking.

After they broke up, she returned to her job at the advertising agency, as indicated on her LinkedIn profile.

Now, happily taking care of her three kids, she is reportedly not currently dating anyone.

She also prefers to keep her life private, even on Instagram, where her profile is set to private.

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