Jacob Payne, a former pro football player, became well-known after tying the knot with reality TV personality Natalie Nunn.

His fame soared when they appeared on WE Tv’s reality shows ‘Bridezillas‘ and ‘Marriage Boot Camp‘ together.


Early Life of Jacob Payne

Born on July 18, 1990, in Michigan, Payne was part of the Central University football team.

After college, he aimed for a pro football career, joining the Arizona Rattlers in the Indoor Football League (IFL).

Notably, he did not play in the National Football League (NFL).

Payne played for various football clubs, including the ‘Spokane Shock,’ ‘San Jose Sabercats,’ and ‘Nebraska Danger,’ before leaving the IFL.

Later, he joined an international club in Brazil.

Payne decided to step away from professional football around the time he married Natalie Nunn.


How Jacob Payne Met Natalie Nunn?

The couple first met in 2011 at a club in Detroit.

Payne was hanging out with a couple of friends for club promotions when he encountered Nunn, who was there for work purposes.

Nunn later described their meeting as love at first sight.

They officially started dating in October 2011.

Initially, it was a long-distance relationship until Payne moved to Los Angeles and settled with Nunn.


When Did The Two Get Married?

They announced their engagement in April 2012 and tied the knot the next month on May 5th at a friend’s mansion in Topanga Canyon.

Although their wedding was an intimate affair with 50 to 60 people in attendance, it aired on the reality TV series Bridezillas for two episodes.

Nunn and Payne are considered one of the most popular couples to have appeared on the show.

In 2014, the couple also featured on the reality TV series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, where they discussed their relationship and worked to grow stronger as a couple.


Difficult Time Together

The couple has faced their fair share of challenges.

In 2015, Nunn experienced a miscarriage, but in 2017, they became proud parents of a baby girl, Journey Ruth Payne, born on April 26th.

In 2020, Natalie established ‘Journey’s Hair,’ a kids’ haircare products brand in her daughter’s honor, which she sells online through her website.


Natalie’s Alleged Scandal

In December 2019, Nunn’s co-star and apparent friend, Chloe Ayling, disclosed to the tabloids a scandalous threesome involving Nunn and Dan Osborne after a drunken night in London.

Sources revealed that upon hearing the news, Payne was understandably upset.

He even left to stay with a friend for a few days, claiming he needed some alone time to think.

Despite the scandal, Nunn made multiple social media posts declaring her love for Payne.

Nevertheless, it appears that the couple is stronger than any scandal, as they are still together and often showcase their happy marriage on their respective Instagram accounts.


Jacob’s Musical Venture: Two Album Releases

During the Covid-19 quarantine, Payne dabbled in music.

In 2020-21, he released two albums on multiple streaming services, including SoundCloud and Spotify.

His music videos, posted on his YouTube channel, have garnered a couple of thousand views.

The first album, ‘Effortless,’ was released in May 2020. It was followed by his second (and latest to date) album, ‘House on the Hills,’ released in April 2021.

Despite a brief surge in popularity, his music fame was short-lived.


What Does Jacob Do These Days?

Since 2013, Payne has been deeply committed to fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Together with Natalie, he successfully operates a fitness club named ‘Fit by Payne’s.’

In addition to his fitness pursuits, Payne has a website where he shares his music and sells T-shirts for his fans.

With a sizable following of 82.9k on Instagram, he is open to numerous sponsorship deals and brand endorsement opportunities.

Despite his active lifestyle, Payne is a stay-at-home dad on most days.

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