Hunter Hoffman, a reality television personality, gained recognition through his involvement in the show Gold Rush, effectively positioning him as part of the gold mining elite.

Benefiting from the successful legacies of both his grandfather and father in the industry, Hunter made a name for himself within the gold mining community.

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Role In Gold Rush

Hunter Hoffman made his initial appearance in the behind-the-scenes footage of season 2 of the television show Gold Rush in 2011. Subsequently, he became a regular participant starting from season 6.

Hunter gradually took on a more prominent role within the show, frequently engaging in tasks such as digging and excavating. In 2016, he officially became a permanent member of the cast.

In 2018, both Hunter Hoffman and his father departed from Gold Rush. However, in 2022, they resurfaced on Discovery’s new reality show called Hoffman Family Gold.


Life Before Gold Rush

Hunter Hoffman hails from a lineage of professional gold miners, making him a third-generation miner. Hunter’s paternal grandparents founded the gold mining business.

Hunter’s father, Todd Hoffman, is the visionary who pitched the concept of the show Gold Rush to the Discovery Channel.

Growing up surrounded by eight decades of gold mining expertise within his family, Hunter developed a keen interest in his ancestral profession.

Driven by his passion for the family business, Hunter made the decision to leave school at a young age. Although he received a formal education, he did not pursue any higher education at a college or university.

Hunter officially made his debut on the show Gold Rush at the age of 16.


Hunter Hoffman Net Worth

Hunter Hoffman had remained silent about his net worth, salary, and income. He began generating income from a young age and has played a crucial role in the gold mining industry.

As per our estimate, Hunter Hoffman’s net worth is approximately over $1 Million. And his father, Todd Hoffman’s, net worth is estimated at over $7 Million.

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Hunter’s Career

Hunter Hoffman initially made his on-screen debut at the age of 12 in a behind-the-scenes clip of the show.

In the clip, he was seen alongside his father, expressing his boredom while observing the process of mud removal during gold mining.

Following that, Hunter made intermittent appearances on Gold Rush, featuring in brief segments while his father and grandfather held permanent roles on the show.

It was not until Hunter turned 16 that he made his official and consistent appearance as a permanent member of the Gold Rush cast in 2016.

Between 2011 and 2018, he appeared in approximately 46 episodes of the show.

In 2018, both Todd and Hunter Hoffman departed from Gold Rush. However, fans had the opportunity to watch the father-son duo in the reality show Hoffman Family Gold, which aired in 2022.


How Old is Hunter Hoffman?

Hunter was born in 1999. He turned 24 on 4th of March, 2023.


Physical Attributes

Hunter is a physically appealing young man with captivating blue eyes, brown hair, and a well-built physique. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

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In a recent update to his Twitter profile picture, Hunter shared a 3D rendered image featuring him with white-grayish hair.

Hunter Hoffman Twitter Profile Picture


Hobbies and Interests

Hunter’s affinity for a lavish lifestyle is evident through his Instagram account.

He frequently shares pictures where he poses alongside extravagant cars, expensive swimming pools, helicopters, and opulent mansions.

Additionally, he expresses his love for travel and is known to indulge in card games.

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Hoffman Family 

Hunter is the son of Shauna and Todd Hoffman and the grandson of Jack Hoffman.

With his father’s expertise in gold mining, the family business had already achieved considerable success, providing a solid foundation for Hunter’s future.

In addition, Hunter has a younger brother named Hudson Hoffman, who pursues a career as a musician.

Hunter Hoffman with his Mom


Hunter Hoffman Wife

Hunter was reportedly in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Bri Ramseth.

Rumors circulated about a possible engagement between them; however, no evidence of their relationship could be found on Hunter’s social media accounts.

Furthermore, Bri Ramseth has changed her social media profiles from public to private, leading to doubts about their current dating status.

Hunter Hoffman Graduation

It appears that their breakup has now been officially confirmed, as Hunter posted a picture on his Instagram account expressing that she cannot escape her past and he cannot envision a future with her.

Hunter Hoffman Dating


Is Hunter Hoffman Gay?

Hunter Hoffman keeps his personal life private, so there is no public information about his sexual orientation. As a result, we cannot say for certain whether he is gay or not.

However, considering his previous relationship with Bri and his current dating status with a girl we know little about, it seems likely that he is not gay.

Hunter Hoffman Wife


Hunter Hoffman’s Business -Seven Cowboys

Hunter has ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his own business called Seven Cowboys.

This clothing brand not only offers a variety of apparel but also sells accessories.

Hunter actively promotes his brand through his Instagram account, utilizing the platform to showcase and market his products.

Hunter Hoffman Seven Cowboys


Other Facts About Hunter Hoffman

Sea green is Hunter’s preferred and fortunate color, while his lucky gemstone is aquamarine.

Hunter’s zodiac sign is Pisces.


Social Media

You can find Hunter’s official Instagram account @hunterhoffman. He has 24.6k followers on Instagram. 

He is not very active on Instagram, as he only has 59 posts on his feed. 

Hunter also has a Twitter account @goldrush_hunter.

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