Tara Beane, originally from California, captured public attention when she married her childhood friend, the renowned former baseball player Billy Beane, whose life inspired the blockbuster movie ‘Moneyball‘ in 2011.

Before their marriage in 1999, Tara led a modest and private life.

Even today, after marrying the baseball star, she maintains a low profile and prefers a private lifestyle.


Brief Biography of Tara Beane

Tara Beane was born on August 11, 1964, in San Diego, California.

In 2024, she’ll turn 60. Tara, formerly Tara Marie Graves, is a devoted Christian.

She and Billy Beane have known each other since childhood, both growing up in the same San Diego neighborhood.

Tara and Billy Beane

Tara’s Marriage to Billy Beane

Billy Beane’s marriage with his childhood friend, Tara Beane, was his second marriage.

His first marriage was to Cathy Sturdivant, from whom he had a daughter named Casey Beane, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Subsequently, he married Tara Beane, and the couple has been together through life’s ups and downs.

They have faithfully and happily shared their lives for more than two decades now.

Casey Beane


What Do Casey and Her Mother Cathy Do?

Casey, with a background in finance and investment, has built a highly successful career. She currently holds the position of Head of Investor Relations at Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

In contrast, her mother, Cathy Sturdivant, possesses a strong mathematical background and enjoys a thriving career as the Director of Product Development at Symetra, an insurance company.

Similar to Billy, both the mother and daughter share a deep love for baseball, as evidenced by their social media accounts.

Cathy Sturdivant


Tara Beane’s Children

In 2008, the couple happily welcomed twins, a baby girl named Tinsley Beane and a baby boy named Brayden Beane, into their lives.

Tara also played an important role in raising Casey Beane, Billy’s daughter from his previous marriage, showing love as a caring stepmother.

Billy Beane's Children


Short Bio of Billy Beane

Billy Beane had a notable career as a professional American baseball player, serving as an outfielder in Major League Baseball from 1984 to 1989.

Later, he played in Minor League Baseball.

However, Billy chose to resign from his professional playing career and transitioned to a role as an advance scout.

Over time, he ascended to the position of General Manager, and in 2015, he was further promoted to Vice President.

Billy Beane has become an inspirational figure, gaining recognition in both television and film.

The acclaimed sports movie ‘Moneyball’ is based on his story and the remarkable journey of the Oakland Athletics, showcasing how he revolutionized baseball team management by integrating math and science into the field.


Tara’s Social Media Presence

Despite being the wife of a famous baseball player, Tara Beane keeps herself off social media and leads a private life.

However, when the couple attends events, they are often photographed together.


Tara Beane and Billy Beane Net Worth

Details about Tara Beane’s professional life and net worth are not publicly available.

However, her husband is estimated to have a net worth of around $14 million and earns approximately $3 million annually.

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