Billie Early is the mother of Cameron Diaz, the renowned actress, former model, and best-selling author.

Throughout her acting career, Cameron earned four Golden Globe nominations and ranks as the fifth-highest-grossing actress at the domestic box office.

In addition to her achievements in acting, she attained New York Times best-selling author status with her 2013 health book, ‘The Body Book.’


Billie Early’s Age

Billie Early was born on August 11, 1950, in Los Angeles County, California, and is now 73 years old.

Cameron Diaz Mom Billie Early


How Billie Met Her Husband

Billie Early married the love of her life, Emilio Diaz, at the age of 18.

She first met her American-Cuban husband at Big Bear Lake in Southern California, and it was love at first sight for Emilio.

He initially approached her friend to get close to Billie and then mustered up the courage to approach her directly.

After 9 months of dating, the two got married in 1969 and lived a blissful life until 2008, when Emilio suddenly passed away at the age of 58.


Cause of Emilio’s Death

Emilio initially caught the flu, which eventually developed into pneumonia, leading to complications that ultimately resulted in his death.

His passing had a profound impact on Billie, completely turning her life upside down and marking an extremely difficult phase for her.


Mother to Two Lovely Daughters

Billie Early is the mother of two daughters, Chimene Diaz and Cameron Diaz, with her husband Emilio Diaz.

Chimene, born in 1970, is the elder daughter, and Cameron, born in 1971, is the younger one.

Both daughters are happily married and have children of their own.

Chimene Diaz is in her second marriage to singer Robby Armstrong and has four children, two of whom are from her previous husband.

Cameron Diaz has been married to singer Benji Madden since 2015 and welcomed their daughter, Raddix Madden, in 2020.

In 2018, Cameron Diaz decided to step away from acting to focus more on her family and close friends.

Currently, she is serving as the co-founder of Avaline, an organic wine brand.

Cameron Diaz


Billie’s Current Whereabouts and Net Worth

Billie Early’s net worth remains undisclosed.

Cameron once mentioned that her parents weren’t very stable financially, and during her early days, they used to collect soda cans to make some extra money.

There are reports suggesting that Billie assumed the role of an Import/Export agent for a construction company after her husband’s passing; however, this information is unconfirmed.

Moreover, details about her current residence and retirement status are also unavailable.

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