Laura Quinn Hawk has garnered widespread recognition due to her association with sports analyst Aaron James, better known as A.J. Hawk.

While her initial claim to fame stems from her marriage to the former American football linebacker and her status as the sister of esteemed American football quarterback-turned-sports analyst Brady Quinn, Laura has also made a name for herself as a talented interior designer.

She takes pride in being the owner of LCH Interiors, a company that specializes in creating stunning residential home interiors.


Laura Quinn – Early Life

AJ Hawk wife Laura Quinn Hawk was born in 1983 and grew up in Dublin, Ohio, in the United States. Her parents are Chopper Quinn and Robin D. Quinn.

While there is limited information about her early life, it is known that she attended Dublin Coffman High School and later pursued a Degree in Broadcasting from California State University.


The Quinn Family

AJ Hawk Wife Laura Quinn Family


Laura Quinn’s Parents

Laura Quinn’s father, Chopper Quinn, is a military veteran who bravely served in the Marine Corps and was deployed to fight in the Vietnam War.

Laura Quinn Father


Her mother, Robbie, is a nurturing homemaker who shares a deep bond with her three children and is frequently observed tenderly holding and caring for her grandchildren.

Laura Quinn Mother


Laura Quinn’s Siblings

Laura Quinn is the oldest among her three siblings. Her younger brother, Brady Quinn, was born on October 24, 1984, making him one year younger than her.

Brady, who previously served as an American football quarterback, has transitioned into a Sports Analyst following his playing career. He is a proud father to three beautiful girls and one boy.

Brady Quinn


Kelly Katherine Quinn, Laura’s youngest sister, was born in 1986. She is happily married to Jack Johnson, a renowned ice hockey defenseman.

Together, Kelly and Jack have been blessed with three children named Jacklyn, Ty, and Thompson.

Kelly Quinn and Jack Johnson

Both of Laura Quinn’s siblings are leading contented and successful lives.


A Heart of Kindness: Laura Quinn’s Empathetic Nature

Laura Quinn is a remarkably compassionate and nurturing individual. In 2006, she selflessly devoted her time to volunteer at HSHS St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Her invaluable service entailed tenderly cuddling and comforting newborn babies, offering a comforting presence for their grateful parents.


How Laura Met AJ Hawk? 

AJ Hawk and Laura Quinn’s paths intertwined when they attended a mutual friend’s party back in 2005.

At that time, Laura was pursuing her studies at California State University, while AJ was enrolled at Ohio State University.

The introduction occurred through their shared acquaintance, leading to an instant connection that can only be described as love at first sight.

Engrossed in conversation, they discovered a deep affinity for one another, which eventually culminated in their marriage in 2007.

AJ Hawk's Wife


AJ Hawk and Laura Quinn’s Children

Laura and AJ Hawk are proud parents of four children, comprising two lovely daughters and two handsome sons.

Together they make a complete and happy family.

AJ Hawk Kids


AJ Hawk Wife – Laura Quinn’s Net Worth

While there is no official information regarding Laura Quinn’s net worth, it is known that she generates a substantial income through her successful interior design business.


Laura’s Professional Journey

Laura Quinn Hawk has established herself as a skilled interior designer with extensive experience.

She is the owner of LCH Interiors and is highly regarded for her ability to create home interiors that seamlessly combine style and functionality.

Her innovative and visually captivating designs have garnered widespread recognition in the industry.

AJ Hawk Wife Laura Quinn


Laura and AJ Hawk: The Perfect Couple

Laura and AJ Hawk pursue distinct professional paths, with Laura excelling as an interior designer and AJ thriving as a sports analyst.

Despite their differing fields, their relationship thrives as a foundation of support and resilience for one another.

Laura places great importance on both her career and personal life, finding fulfillment as a dedicated wife and mother.

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