Sarai Burgos is the youngest daughter of Bernice Burgos, a well-known American model and reality star.

Bernice Burgos has gained significant recognition in the industry through her appearances in national magazines and music videos for the top-selling artists.

One notable example of her success is her involvement in the 2012 song and music video “Diced Pineapples” by Drake, J. Cole, and Rick Ross. Additionally, she has showcased her talent on the popular MTV show Wild ‘N Out.

Moreover, Bernice Burgos is a thriving entrepreneur who, alongside her elder daughter Ashley Burgos, owns a successful sleepwear clothing brand named Bold and Beautiful.

Bernice Burgos


Bernice Burgos: From Struggles to Modeling Success with Daughters

Bernice Burgos was born in 1980 in New York to a Puerto Rican family.

Her childhood was filled with challenges, and when she was just 15 years old, she became a mother to her first child, Ashley Burgos.

Unfortunately, Bernice’s family was taken by surprise and provided no moral or financial support, leaving her with no place to live and relying solely on her boyfriend.

This period marked the most challenging time in her life.

Ashley Burgos

Ten years later, in 2006, Bernice welcomed her second daughter into the world, whom she named Sarai Burgos.

Being a single mother to both her daughters proved to be a demanding and challenging responsibility for Bernice, especially since the whereabouts of both fathers remained unknown.

However, at the age of 27, her life took a positive turn when she decided to pursue a career as a model.

Her natural talent for showcasing fashionable swimsuits that accentuated her curves garnered her immense popularity and success.

This new profession had a profound impact on Bernice’s life, empowering her in various ways and opening doors to exciting opportunities for her future.


Sarai Burgos Age and Early Life

Sarai Burgos was born in the Bronx, New York, in 2006, which means she is currently 17 years old. However, the exact date of her birth remains unknown.

She was raised solely by her mother, Bernice, as her father was never around.

Sarai Burgos


Sarai Burgos Education

Sarai attended local schools in the Bronx, successfully completing both elementary and high school.

Currently, she is actively working towards obtaining a college degree, although exact details about her college pursuit are not available.


Her Net worth

Sarai depends on her mother for financial support and has no personal assets or net worth, while her mother’s estimated net worth is between 3 to 4 million dollars.


Sarai Burgos Personal Life

Sarai Burgos is the complete opposite of her elder sister when it comes to media presence.

While her sister is active on social media, Sarai prefers to lead a private life and stays away from the public eye.

She rarely appears on her mother’s Instagram account or shares personal updates on her own Instagram profile.

Her reserved nature extends to her relationship status, which remains undisclosed.

Despite being close to her family, she chooses to keep her moments with them private and away from the realm of social media.

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