Randy Rand (born May 18, 1951) was an American bassist, composer, and actor, best known as the co-founder and original lead bassist for the glam metal/hard rock band Autograph. 

Rand joined Autograph in 1983 as part of its original lineup and was an integral part of the group until they split in 1989. 

He played on all four of their albums and was credited as a writer on most of their singles. The band was an integral part of the early 80s glam metal scene, which included bands like Quiet Riot, Van Halen, and Motley Crue.

Rand rejoined the group in 2013 and remained a member till his death in 2023.


Randy Rand Wikipedia

Before Autograph (Late 1970s)

Randy Rand started his musical career in the late 70s on California’s Sunset Strip music scene. He was part of Pasadena, California’s club band Wolfgang. 

The band has been described as a local legend. Kevin Dubrow (lead singer of Quiet Riot) once said about them, “They smoked us all… they got a better response than Van Halen and us”.

Rand continued to play the bass for Wolfgang until he joined the Autograph in 1983.


Autograph (1983 – 1988)

In 1983, Randy joined the rock/metal band Autograph as its lead bassist and founding member. 

The original lineup consisted of Steve Plunkett and Lynch as the lead guitarists, Steven Isham on the keyboard, and Keni Richards on the drums. 

Rand had previously known Plunkett from their days together in Wolfgang.

The band’s debut album, Sign In Please, was released in October 1984. 

However, it appeared on record charts in January 1985, when the lead single, Turn Up the Radio, became a mainstream hit. 

The single peaked at number 29 on Billboard Hot 100 and received massive airplay on MTV. This increased sales for Sign In Please, which crossed 500,000, and the album was certified gold. 

The song was also featured in an episode of Miami Vice (entitled “Little Prince”) and numerous other films, including Hot Tub Machine (2010). 

The official music video for the song now has over 17 million views on YouTube.

Following the success of Turn Up the Radio, Rand rose to prominence as an accomplished bassist and a season studio musician in the rock music scene. He and the other four members also received writing credit for the single.

Sign In Please was followed by two other albums: That’s the Stuff (1985) and Loud and Clear (1987). Both failed to replicate the success of their debut album, making them a one-hit-wonder.


Disbandment and Post-Break Up (1988 -2013)

In 1988, Rand and the other four members of Autograph ended their contract with their record label, RCA record. 

This was followed by thy exit of Steven Isham and Keni Richards from the band. The remaining members, including Rand, were disappointed and disbanded in 1989.

Following the disbandment of Autograph, Rand began a career in leather making. He set up an international leather import/export shop where his own hand-crafted leather products were sold. 

He even worked with Harley Davidson at one time.

In 2005, he made his acting debut in the movie Rigodon, where he played a minor role.


Reunion with Autograph (2013 – 2022)

In late 2013, Rand joined members Steve Lynch and Keni Richards for a reunion. On January 15, 2015, they released their first single, You Are Us, We Are You, on iTunes. 

On April 21, they released their 2nd single, I Lost My Mind in America, which made the Top 10 download of the charts. 

Their third single, Every Generation, was featured as track of the week in Classic Rock Magazine.

The success of the singles resulted in the release of an EP Louder, in 2016 and a new album titled Get Off Your Ass, in 2017. 

Both received amazing reviews from critics. Rand and his band played tours and festival dates across the United States, including the Halfway Jam Rock Festival. This led to him being featured on US TODAY News. 

Rand remained a member of Autograph until he died in 2022.


Personal Life

Rand was married to Regina Rand. Although much is unknown about his personal life, Autograph described Randy and Regina’s love as ‘beautiful and infinite’. 

Rand also had a daughter named Sterling Knight, who is pursuing a successful modeling career in Italy.



Rand died in April 2022 at the age of 71. His death was announced on Autograph’s social media channels. The cause of his death is unknown, though it is assumed he died a natural death. 

A husband, father, and grandfather, Rand is survived by his wife, Regina Rand, who was with him at the time of his death.


Net Worth

Rand is reported to have a net worth of $5 million at his death.




  • 1984: Sign In Please
  • 1985: That’s the Stuff
  • 1987: Loud and Clear
  • 2016: Louder
  • 2017: Get Off Your Ass


  • 1984: “Turn Up the Radio”   
  • 1985: “Send Her to Me”
  • 1986: “Blondes in Black Cars”          
  • 1986: “That’s the Stuff”
  • 1987: “Loud and Clear”
  • 1987: “Dance All Night”
  • 1987: “She Never Looked That Good For Me”
  • 2015: “You Are Us, We are You”
  • 2015: “I Lost My Mind in America”  
  • 2015: “Get off your ass”
  • 2020: “Souls on Fire”

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